Goodbye Blog

Hello Everyone, I have really enjoyed the past couple of months doing the blogging challenge. I have only written about 8 posts but they were so fun making. I have done 3 posts of my own choice and 5 ... Read More

Taiko Drumming

Taiko drumming Around a week ago we went to a Taiko drumming workshop at Raleigh Public School . Taiko drumming is a Japanese style of drumming. We all really all enjoyed it and at the end of the day ... Read More

Our School!!

Hi Everyone, How are you? I love coming to this school because there are only 17 students here and it’s so peaceful…. The reason why it’s peaceful is because we are in a pocket of p... Read More

My Avatar

Hi!! I made my avatar here! My avatar:  I made my avatar from a Lego man.:P I tried to make my avatar look as much like me as I could.  I chose my avatar’s hair a lighter shade because it is l... Read More

Hello world!

Welcome to your brand new blog at Edublogs! To get started, simply visit your blog’s dashboard, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. Like more help? We ... Read More